Quilty Pleasures!

I’m so excited that Quiltmaker is finally blogging! You’ll be hearing from the QM staff and me as we join all the blogging fun that we’ve been watching for so long.

We’ve been storing up all kinds of content in anticipation of getting things started—giveaways, designer interviews, inside peeks at what goes on in our office and so much more.

Did I just say “giveaways”? You bet I did—where should I start? Since the month of June just started (and that’s my name), let’s give away something from our May/June ’09 issue.

peekaboo pixies Quilty Pleasures!

Peekaboo Pixies, color option for Ribbon Trellis, as seen in Quiltmaker's May/June '09 issue.

Peekaboo Pixies, the color option for Ribbon Trellis. That’s right—I’m giving away a color option made from Dance with the Fairies fabric by elinor peace bailey for P&B Textiles—a very fun and whimsical fabric design.

The first place winner will receive the quilt top—the one you see here, along with backing and binding fabric. Bonus: 4 additional winners will receive fabric bundles from the same line of fabric.

Leave a comment by Monday, June 8 at 12 noon Mountain time and tell me what you’d like to see Quiltmaker blog about. I’m looking forward to getting to know you!

[6/12/09 update: This giveaway is over now, but you can still tell me what you'd like to see us blog about.]

About June Dudley

I'm the Editor-in-Chief of Quiltmaker magazine. I have enjoyed quilting for many years. And I love to collect fabric, thread, books and all things quilty. I especially like batiks, bright colors, florals, dots, stripes and anything purple or teal.
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53 Responses to Quilty Pleasures!

  1. Chris Bourgeois says:

    I reviewed all the quilting magazines and talked to a number of experienced quilters before I decided to subscribe to Quiltmaker. I liked the patterns, the fact that the instructions were easy to follow, and also that a quilting pattern was provided for each quilt. I still browse the other magazines at the store from time to time but have not subscribed to another. I love reading the detail regarding quilting and all those little things that trip us up as we quilt. It’s very helpful to read what others do to correct issues.

  2. Richelle Wells says:

    I would love to see folk art portrait type wall hangings and quilts that have three dimensional looks to them to match the dolls that we make decorated by her funky fabric and vintage variations of lace created to have total personalities of their own telling the story of how they were created and for whom.

  3. Mia Finn says:

    Sorry – my email address is miaonthemove@yahoo.ie – thank you :)

  4. Mia Finn says:


    I would like to have a quilt made for my son Daniel Falconer Finn, age 6 months.

    For his Naming Day Celebration we asked all our friends and family to bring us a piece of fabirc that meant something to them, and tell us the story for each piece. As a result we got many very special bits, all sizes, shapes and materials. Bits of wedding dresses, jerseys, baby blankets, several t-shirts.. You name it.
    The idea was inspired from a wonderful book, The Quilt Makers Gift & also The AIDS Quilt, which I saw once as a child and the impression never left me.
    Unfortunately, I am not a crafty person. Creative maybe, but certainly very impatient so not a good candidate to make the quilt for Daniel.
    I was wondering if you know of anyone who would take on such a project?
    Or could you point me in the right direction?
    I live in Cork, Ireland. But am willing to send the fabric anywhere – for the right person to make it.

  5. Michelle Balletti says:

    Welcome to the world of blogging….what would I like to see? Hmmmm, since I’m a fairly new quilter, maybe the ins and outs of beginning fabric, top tools to have when you start, best projects to get your feet wet. That sorta stuff!!

  6. Judy Burghardt says:

    I really like the insert about basic lessons. I am trying to learn about foundation piecing. Guess what? I found the instructions in your insert. Thank you so much. This is my favorite magazine.

  7. Karen says:

    Love the blog. I’d love to see posts about scraps, cutting, storing, using, swaping, etc.

  8. Pam Kieffer says:

    I really enjoy reading quilting blogs all over the world but I don’t like my not being a blogger can’t participate in many of the swaps.

  9. Jean Peterson says:

    Good luck on your blog. I hope it travels as far as my doll from ejb’s pattern – China, Ireland, Israel, Las Vegas, FL(where she was made) and back to home in WI.

  10. Jean Peterson says:

    Good luck non your blog. I hope it travels as far as my doll from ejb’s pattern – China, Ireland, Israel, Las Vegas, FL(where she was made) and back to home in WI.

  11. Sue says:

    I love blogs! I think it would be great to read about the latest trends in quilting! I’d also like to see creative ideas that show the new trends! Good luck with the blog!

  12. Sue says:

    I would like to see you blog more about quilt market and new ‘gadgets’ as well.

  13. Kathy says:

    Thanks for the sweet pattern “Zoo for Two” from the free patterns section. What a neat way to cut two quilts at the same time. One top went together very quickly and the second one will be done today. I’ve enjoyed reading people’s comments. Quilters are always happy to share and to learn new things about quilting.

  14. Jenna Z says:

    I would love to see some QUICK kids quilts! I quilt for Project Linus and I like to make nice looking but FAST quilts. The faster I quilt, the more kids I can help! :)

  15. Debbie says:

    Would love to see the out of the box, imaginative, take me away from it all type of projects. The ones that start your mind spinning and your fingers itching to start on. Just the type elanor peace bailey has up her sleeve.

  16. Kathy says:

    The “Zoo for Two” quilt pattern in the free patterns section is so cute. Have one of the two done in the child size and the second is coming along quickly. What a great idea…one cutting to make two quilts.

  17. I would love to see some quilt along challenges. Perhaps, also, some technique tutorials, too. That would be great!

  18. Angie H. says:

    Just so lovely! Thanks so much for letting me enter….


  19. I’d love to see some more information on making floor quilts. I saw some at Quilt Market done on Multi Purpose Cloth by ROC. I’d like to see more floor cloths and how to make them.
    Thank you!!

  20. I would love to have you host a blog block of the month. The one I participated in previously was great fun.
    It would also be great if you could teach techniques in greater detail.


  21. I’d love to hear about quilts and things the QM staff make for themselves. Also, behind the scenes type stories from putting together QM issues. Oh – anything, really! There are lots of good suggestions in these comments.

  22. Rebecka says:

    Great blog. I love to read interviews with quilt designers and I like to see quilt designs or ideas for using your stash. Love elinor’s work. She is a great artist.

  23. Sue Cahill says:

    I get so much inspiration from all the quilting blogs I visit. Great to ss youv’e joined the blogging community.

    I’d love to hear about the background of all the wonderful fabric and pattern designers you feature in your magazine.

    Thanks for the chance to win a great prize. Can’t wait to see what your blog will bring us.

    Sue Cahill (sbonetsue at yahoo dot com)

  24. minniestitches says:

    So glad you have entered the world of blogging. Love your magazine and Elinor Peace Bailley’s work. Would love a piece of her fabric.

  25. Susan says:

    Love to hear about Quilt markets, I never get to go, but always wish that I could. Also, would love to read about the techniques that are discussed in the magazine.

  26. gracie watts says:

    Love the fabrics….Love the Quiltmaker Magazine ~ always inspiring and full of new ideas and new projects….

  27. Deb says:

    Thanks for publishing such a fun magazine! When a new issue arrives life stops for at least a few minutes while I flip through and dream … and get inspired … and wish I had more time for quilting. I especially appreciate the alternate size yardage given with so many patterns. The color options are a great way to envision the project in a totally different way.

  28. Sandie says:

    I really enjoy QuiltMaker Mag and am enjoying the new look of the website too. I’d love to hear more on your blog about how the magazine featured items and finished quilts originated – how the idea came about and turned into the finished product and then how it made the cut to make it into the magazine. Keep up the good work!

  29. Joan says:

    oops. I should have refreshed the page. it’s live now. lol

  30. Joan says:

    I love the Quiltmaker magazine and the specials. I like seeing ideas on using different fabrics for the patterns. How different some quilts can be with different colors/contrast.

    I like that you have a picture of the current issue at the top. Is it possible to get it as a live link to the current issues, instead of just a picture?

  31. LouAnn says:

    Wished I was in town to attend the Castle Rock Quilt Club meeting on Tues. What a time to be out of town for a wedding. I have enjoyed your magazine for many years. I’ll be looking forward to you blog.

  32. Bonnie Powell says:

    I have been” looking online” for the Bonus Pattern Attic Stairs shown on page 7 of July/Aug 09 quiltmaker, I went through all of the patterns(14 pages) in the Design Studio and cannot find it.
    Can someone help me?

    • June says:

      Bonnie, we just realized today that those Design Studio files are missing and we’re having some technical difficulties. We hope to have them restored to the site real soon. Sorry about that. [all restored!]

  33. June says:

    Hey, I’m so glad you Castle Rock quilters found your way in–I’ve been working on a post with your pictures–coming soon.

    Leah–someone on QM staff will do a full posting on this later, but did you know we’ve got free patterns that we created for Project Linus over the last 10 years? Visit http://www.quiltmaker.com/patterns/projectlinus.html to find those patterns.

    For Lesley and other fans of the new Bonnie Hunter mystery quilt (starting in our July/Aug issue), we’ve got some fun news coming soon on that as well.

  34. Kathy Morrison says:

    Thank you so much for taking personal time to come to Castle Rock Quilt Club. I’m sure the evening was as much fun for you as it was for us. Now you just need to find three extra hours to catch up on! But you were a great speaker and it was so interesting to see behind the scenes and to think this magazine is in our own backyard. Colorado and Quiltmaker, too. What more could you ask for? Oh, yes. I love quilting tips and I enjoy “serial” quilts. It seems that I can visualize finding the time to quilt if I know that I only have this one small part to do. My sense of accomplishment is fulfilled and I have something to look forward to in a few weeks with the new installment. I would love to have more time to quilt but along with many others I also have to to be away from home for approximately 40 hours a week!!! Again thank you for your time and the quality of your magazine!!!

  35. Kathy says:

    Thank you, friends, for helping me through a “senior moment”…of course, it was “Quiltmaker” that June Dudley presented to us this week and the magazine to which I am now a subscriber.

    I liked Ellen’s thoughts of a “quilt party”with a chance to share and learn from one another.

  36. Ellen says:

    I would love to hear more about quilting parties or retreats. After years of receiving invitations to “parties” where I’m expected to buy all kinds of wonderful “gadgets”, I keep telling my friends that I’m going to have a “girl’s night party” where they don’t have to (and can’t) buy anything…. just come and make something fun! Also, I have preliminary plans with a quilting friend at work to host a quilting retreat some day.

  37. themachinelady says:

    Forgot to tell you what I would like to see the blog about. Any tips, helps, shortcuts, what everyone else is doing etc., in otherwords anything pertaining to quilting is always interesting in my book. Thanks.

  38. themachinelady says:

    I’m rather new to blogging myself, so will learn along with you. The quilt and fabric you are giving away are simply beautiful and I am sure anyone, myself included, would be happy to be the recipient of this. Am looking forward to reading your blogs and the comments on the list as well.

  39. Lesley says:

    Nice to see a blog from a magazine, makes everything much more personal. I personally right now am looking for your magazine here in Canada as I am interested in Bonnie’s new mystery quilt. I probably will be subscribing to your magazine.

  40. Meriellen says:

    Quilters are always so generous and it looks like you’re no exception. What a wonderful way to start a blog. It’s a beautiful quilt–as were all the ones you brought with you to the Castle Rock Quilt Club. I really enjoyed the presentation and look forward to seeing the new quilts in the next issue.

    I like to hear about unusual tips and tricks. Sometimes it’s the little things that make our quilting more fun, less frustrating, more professional, (whatever your goal is), …

  41. Joy says:

    I love the color options you offer for most of your quilts. They help me to visualize an entirely different look for the pattern. Since lots of us quilters like to do things “our way” (!) I’d love to hear how people have recreated patterns or used a Quiltmaker pattern as a springboard for a new idea–a new quilt or another creative project based on the Quiltmaker original. Thanks for all you do to keep our creative juices flowing.

  42. Betty says:

    I’d love to read what the staff members are quilting for themselves.

  43. vicki brooks says:

    i would like to see more 3 and 4 color quilts. i can’t get into using many prints together. i like to see the pattern and not get caught up in the fabrics.

  44. Kathy Rutkosky says:

    June, it was such an honor for the Castle Rock Quilt Club to have you present 71 beautiful quilts from your excellent magazine as well as take us on a tour to show us what all goes on behind the scenes of “Quilter’s Newsletter.” No wonder it continues to be the premier quilting magazine after all these years. After an absence of several years I renewed my subscription today. I’d love to see additional simple baby sized quilts because so many of us in our guild make these for various charities. In fact, some of the Andover fabric you gave us last night has already made its way into a ballerina quilt top some little girl will love. Thank you for your presentation and your generosity. I’ll be checking the Blog for new ways to use scraps in small quilts.

  45. Jan Richter says:

    great show at CRQC last night. I got my magazine today and will start the seashore sachtel soon.

  46. Trudi says:

    Would love to see views on the articles, what you are up to as individuals, are you making anyhting for yourselves from the issues, fun things you’ve found on your travels through daily life, that sort of stuff. :o )

  47. Nancy says:

    P.S. I would love to learn about new shortcuts from Quiltmaker and new products. I had the opportunity to go to Market twice and they sometimes have such wonderful new gadgets and ideas.

  48. Nancy says:

    Thank you so much for coming to Castle Rock Quilt Quild. I was one of four that helped with the showing of the quilts. What a beautiful display. I can not wait for my next issue as I love the front cover quilt. Thank you again for taking the time to present the magazine and the wonderful quilts.

  49. Leah Braton says:

    June it was so nice of you to visit the Castle Rock Quilt Club this evening. You have so many beautiful quilts and I love your magazine. There is usually something in each issue for everyone.

    We look forward to you visiting our group again real soon.

    I would love to hear about groups that sew charity quilts and the purposes of their quilts.
    Leah :)

  50. c j stewart says:

    Enjoyed meeting June tonight at the Castle Rock Quilt Club and learning all about the magazine. It was a great program.

  51. Lady Lisa says:

    Welcome to the blogging world. I’d love to see blogs on hosting quilting parties (for charity quilting or personal pleasure); quilting retreats and workshops; and, needle turn applique work.

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