Making Christmas Lights in Batik

I’ve decided to play along with Bonnie Hunter’s Christmas Lights mystery quilt–only I’m using my batik scraps. I’ve started my Four Patches with assorted lights and med/darks and I found enough of the green batik for the green print in the background below.

junes fourpatches Making Christmas Lights in Batik

Next, I want to substitute purple for the black print #1 because I have lots of purple batik–not so much black batik. I think I can find enough magenta for the red tone-on-tone, but I’m not sure what to do about the gold tone-on-tone. I don’t have much gold-yellowish batiks, so I may have to substitute something else there. I’ll probably wait to have blocks done before I look for my border batik.

If you’re making Christmas Lights and have a blog or website, there’s a Christmas Lights button available.

Tell me, what’s your experience been with substituting colors in mystery quilts? Have you been happy with the end result? Leave your answer in a comment.

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I'm the Editor-in-Chief of Quiltmaker magazine. I have enjoyed quilting for many years. And I love to collect fabric, thread, books and all things quilty. I especially like batiks, bright colors, florals, dots, stripes and anything purple or teal.
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3 Responses to Making Christmas Lights in Batik

  1. Judy K. says:

    Just called Quiltmaker to determine if any one fabric in this mystery made it specifically look like a Christmas quilt. My morning quilters wanted to do the quilt, but not all of them are Christian and celebrate Christmas. The borders can be determined at the end and can help it be more non-denominational.

    • June says:

      I’ll add a little more info for those who are wondering about the Christmas element. I don’t want to give too much away because it’s a mystery, but I’ll tell this much. It’s all scrappy blocks–there are no pictorial elements to this quilt. When you look at the materials list, it calls for two red tone-on-tones and a green print. These are traditionally Christmas colors and you can safely substitute a different color combo there if you’d like.

  2. Maureen S says:

    I have my fabrics picked out for this mystery quilt, but haven’t started cutting them out yet. Boy, you’re good! lol gold batik?? Doesn’t that qualify as a good excuse to have to go out and buy some…plus who knows what else? lol Any excuse is a good excuse to add to the stash!

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