We had a brainstorming meeting a while ago at work, and I started thinking about the concept of brainstorming and how I might apply it to ideas for artwork or quilts or quilted artwork. June guided the meeting and told us up front that no idea was off-limits; we should try not to respond positively or negatively to any idea; we should use ideas and comments to “jump off” into new ideas. In 30 minutes, we came up with more than 300 ideas. It was inspiring!

So I need to begin something new and creative in my work/sewing space at home, and I decided to brainstorm to get myself going. I’ve decided on a theme of “daughter.”

daughter Brainstorming

My daughter Holly and me


Here is the beginning of my brainstorm list:


sweet, precious, Holly, Elizabeth, fun, memories, May, writer, social concern, gift, love, Seattle, rainboots, funky, creative, cell phone, texting, Side-by-Side job, blogger, Holly Wood, loves Amy Butler and Anna Maria Horner. My own mom, Halloween, Valentine’s Day, late-in-life-baby, helpmate, going for repairs, delivering livestock, lunch to the field, Venus as birthplace, saddle shoes, Fostoria American.

The list probably doesn’t mean much to you, but it has all kinds of emotions and associations for me, and I can see where it will be good fodder for a quilt design or a piece of artwork. Try it yourself–choose a theme and get started! We would welcome your musings as comments here on Quilty Pleasures. Let the brainstorming begin!

About Diane Harris

I'm an editor for Quiltmaker magazine in Golden, Colorado, USA. For six years, I wrote pattern instructions, product reviews and how-to articles. Then I spent four years as QM's Interactive Editor, working to generate much of our online content. Now I'm back to patterns and how-tos, which is a great fit for me. I still love writing about quilt-related topics for Quilty Pleasures, and I always have my finger on the pulse of the quilting world. I teach a variety of quilt classes and give guild programs, too. Reach me by email:
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