Singer Inspiration 4206

Singer Inspiration 4206

MSRP $170 (prices vary by dealer)
Reviewer: Brenda Groelz


If you're reading this magazine, you probably already know how to thread a sewing machine, sew a 1/4" seam and piece together patchwork. Chances are, you learned from your mom, a 4-H leader or a home economics teacher. Unfortunately, those opportunities are not always available for young sewers today.

Quiltmaker has developed a new program called LRN2QLT (pronounced "Learn to Quilt"). We designed three simple patterns (including the QM Star Pillow shown above) that can be used to teach these skills, and we offered a class at our office to 12 new quilters in their twenties.

Singer provided Inspiration 4206 machines for the class. These simple-to-use machines sewed reliably and were sized and priced perfectly for someone who is testing the new waters of quilting. They're intended to be entry-level machines. (The last two digits of the model number refer to the number of stitches built into the machine. Our machine had six stitches, but there are models all the way up to 4228.)

Before designing this new line of machines, Singer conducted a worldwide survey. They discovered that some skills veteran sewers take for granted are harder for new sewers. For instance, how do you thread a machine? Singer's answer: print the threading path in plain view. New sewers don't know they should put the thread into the takeup lever, so this machine takes care of it for you. A full instruction manual is available online as a free download at

We'll tell you more about our LRN2QLT day in the July/August '08 issue. In the meantime, if you're looking for an affordable machine for a young quilter, the Singer Inspiration is a good choice.


















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