Sew to Speak Mar/Apr 09

Star Weaver

When I saw Star Weaver, July/August ‘06 (No. 110), I knew I had to make it for my oldest daughter, Peggy and her husband, Steve. Every year for the past 15 years they have hosted a large 4th of July celebration at their home for friends and relatives. The event is filled with all kinds of activities, and I thought the quilt would be a terrific addition to their party. I also wanted to thank them for all the hard work and effort that goes into making the day so memorable for all of us.

Mary Ann Hogan • Monroe, New York


Catch & Release

When I first saw Catch & Release, May/June ’03 (No. 91), I thought of my daughter Stephanie’s fiancé, Jim, who opened her eyes to fishing. I finished the quilt and presented it to them after they were married. It’s for all the times he cannot get out to fish as well as those times he’s out fishing without her.

Adrienne Crawford • Rochester Hills, Michigan

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