Pfaff Creative Vision

Pfaff Creative Vision

MSRP $8499(prices vary by dealer)
Reviewer: Carolyn Beam

After seeing the Pfaff Creative Vision demonstrated in our Golden, Colorado office, I was anxious to give this machine a try. It boasts some exciting features not found on other machines to entice quilters, home dec sewers and crafters alike. The manual and clear illustrations make it easy to become familiar with the basics of this machine. The screen has great resolution with a different color for each mode. Easy-to-follow menus can be navigated with the stylus or the touch of a finger. Starting with the sewing mode, I played with many different features. The Integrated Dual Feed (IDT) allows fabric to feed evenly from both the top and bottom. It engages easily and allows for perfect sewing of different weights of fabric.

With more than 500 stitches, you'll find what you need for a variety of sewing applications—quilting, utility, needle art, decorative and maxi (52mm wide) to name a few. The exclusive Stitch Creator lets you create new stitches, combine stitches or edit existing stitches onscreen for infinite design capabilities. All the stitches can also be sewn in the embroidery mode creating imaginative embroidery designs. The sewing area to the right of the needle has been greatly enlarged, making it easier to quilt large projects and work with bulky fabrics. It also features the longest free arm and the largest embroidery hoop area in the home sewing industry.

I entered the world of machine embroidery next. Shaping is a fun, new feature that lets you create the shape of your choice using automatic stitch building—great for borders or frames. Designs can easily be edited onscreen—mirror, rotate, duplicate and more. There's so much more to this machine that I still want to try: the patchwork program and two different free-motion modes are at the top of the list. The Creative Vision will take you to sewing places beyond your wildest dreams—check it out.

By the Numbers

3 embroidery hoops included: 43/4"x 43/4", 91/2"x 6" and 14"x 91/2"

37 needle positions for precision sewing

200+ built-in embroidery designs

500+ stitches, including 200 new stitches


  • Precise positioning allows for accurate matching of large embroidery designs 
  • Custom LED lights illuminate the entire work area
  • Quick-release embroidery hoops makes hooping fabric quick and easy

Test machines are loaned to Quiltmaker by the manufacturers.

This Test Drive article also appears in QUILTMAKER July/August '08 (No. 122).


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