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Follow-the-Fabric Quilting

Why not take advantage of fabrics with "built-in" quilting motifs? Some examples of prints with shapes or lines good for free-motion quilting are shown here.

Borders and long sashes present the greatest opportunity for long continuous quilting lines. If the individual shapes aren't close together, join them by stitching loops or curves as you travel from one to another. After quilting around a shape, stop with the needle down while you plan your route to the next quiltable shape in the print.

If a patch contains a partial shape interrupted by a seam line, combine the motif with quilting in the ditch to make a longer quilting line. Begin where the seam and the motif intersect and quilt along the seam lines of the patch. When you return to the starting point, quilt around the shape.

Combined Follow-The-Fabric Quilting & Quilting In The Ditch



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