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Quilting in the Ditch

Use this method alone or along with any of the other techniques mentioned here. After the quilt sandwich has been basted, sew the layers together by quilting in the ditch along several long seam lines, close to the center both ways if possible. Smaller sections will then be secured and easier to quilt.

Study your quilt to find long continuous quilting lines in the blocks, the sashes and the borders. To help you determine a continuous line within the block, cover it with tracing paper and lightly trace over as many seam lines as possible without raising the pencil. It may take several tries to find the best route. When you do, add arrows and keep the "map" next to your machine for reference as you quilt.

Quilting in the Ditch

Using a walking foot with feed dogs up, follow the quilting path along on the shallow side of the seam line (the one without seam alllowances). At seam intersections, you may have to make a slight jog over to the other side of the seam line.



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