Floribunda: Quiltmaker Staff Projects

The creative process behind Peg Pennell's Floribunda yielded a variety of designs from the QM staff. These photos were taken the day Peg was with us, as the arrangements took shape. Complete instructions for Floribunda appear in Quiltmaker May/June '08 (No. 121).

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My son Jon graduated with a degree in aquaculture from the University of Hawaii at Hilo. He always complains that his mother has never made him a quilt, so I decided to remedy the situation. Pineapples and Bird of Paradise blossoms remind me of the islands, while the mermaid and fish speak to Jon's fascination with marine life.

Brenda Groelz

I have been collecting fabrics with Christmas motifs for years, so it was exciting to use some of them in this project. Peg gave me great suggestions about using bright graphic elements and tips on arranging the tiny printed ornaments. I love it!

Theresa Eisinger
Graphic Designer

It was so much fun to play with a freeform floral arrangement. I started with colors to match a quilt in my guest room, but then added a little purple for variety. It was just the right touch to spice up this project.

Carolyn Beam
Associate Editor

As I searched for a background for this project, these solids jumped out at me and I decided to piece my background. My first thought was to arrange the flowers by the color opposite its background (pink on gold and gold on pink), but the colors needed to be mixed up a bit more than that.

June Dudley
Senior Editor


This is a great project to use as practice for machine quilting. I was surprised to find that I loved the freedom of painting with thread, and I tried all kinds of new patterns as fillers in the background. I'm sure I'll make more of these.

Diane Harris
Associate Editor

I was in search of a unique piece to hang on our newly painted dining room wall. I chose the colors and subject to complement that room. This is an easy and enjoyable technique to get a one-of-a-kind piece of artwork!

Erin Wilcoxon
Art Director

For my arrangement I used the leftover cut-out motifs from the other QM staff's projects. I had so much fun arranging all the flowers, I immediately started cutting my own fruit for "Fruitabunda" and fish for "Fishabunda." Now I'm on to free-motion quilting and embellishing. How fun!!

Kathee Powloka
Editorial Assistant



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