Dust Ruffle-Pleated

Dust Ruffle-Pleated

Yardage is given for a pleated dust ruffle to fit a queen-size 60"x 80" mattress. To customize your dust ruffle for a different size box spring, see Skirting the Issue in our sister publication, Sew News, August '06. If you cannot find this issue at your local quilt shop, order back issues at sewnshop.com.










This dust ruffle differs from a traditional bedskirt in that it is sewn in individual sections and attaches to the box spring with hook-and-loop tape, making it easier to remove.


  • 4 3/4 yards (45"-width) dust ruffle fabric
  • 6 1/8 yards Hook-and-Loop tape
  • Industrial Glue

Step 1 Measuring and Cutting the Fabric

Measure from the upper edge of the boxspring to the floor and add 3". This will be the cutting width of all the dust ruffle panels.

Measure the bed width and add 3". Cut 1 panel equal to this measurement.

Measure the bed length and add 19". Cut 2 panels equal to this measurement.

Step 2 Making the Dust Ruffle

Using a 3/4" double-fold hem, finish the sides and lower edges of all the panels. Double fold the upper edges of all of the panels 3/4" to the wrong side and press (fig. 1). Create a 2"-wide pleat at the ends of each long rectangle as shown. Create a box pleat in the center of each long rectangle as shown (fig. 2).

Cut a piece of hook-and-loop tape equal to the measurement of the upper edge of each panel. Pin the hook side to the wrong side of each panel, overlapping the folds. Sew along both long edges of the tape to secure (fig. 3).

Glue the loop side of the tape to the box spring just inside the upper edge. Let dry according to the manufacturer's instructions.

Attach the dust ruffle panels to the box spring.


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