Using the Thread Tools in EQ7

Jenny Novinsky for The Electric Quilt Company

After you’ve completed your quilt top, you still need to figure out how to quilt it! You can use EQ7 to plan your quilting motifs too. The Thread tools allow you to customize your thread settings for just the right look.

On the Quilt Worktable, click and hold on the Set Thread tool Description: setthread.jpg to make the flyout menu will appear. There are three options for the Set Thread tool:

Description: setthread_flyout.jpg

Description: setthread.jpg Brush Thread – sets thread one quilting line at a time

Description: brushthread_example.jpg


Description: spraythread.jpg Spray Thread – sets thread in all of the similarly colored quilting lines in a block at once

Description: spraythread_example.jpg

Description: swapthread.jpg Swap Thread – sets thread in all quilting lines on the quilt at once

Description: swapthread_example.jpg



Set the thread properties in the Sketchbook Thread palette. Put a check in the box for the property you want to change.

Description: thread palette.jpg

After choosing your thread properties, click directly on the quilting motif you’d like to apply the properties to. You may need to refresh the screen to see the changes.

Use a variety of thread colors, styles, and weights to customize your quilting designs!

Description: combo example.jpg


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