Using the Random Recolor Tool in EQ7

Jenny Novinsky for The Electric Quilt Company
Using the Random Recolor Tool in EQ7

Calico Clockworks creates a complex looking quilt by repeating one simple block. With a one-block repeat your coloring choices make all the difference.

Click here to download a line drawing (PDF file) of Calico Clockworks to create your own colored version.

Take a look at these examples for inspiration.


A unique feature in EQ7 is that you can add shades and tints, grades, and tones of any color to your palette. This makes coloring shaded quilts easier. All you need to do is select a solid color in your palette. Right-click over the color to display a menu. Here you can choose to add shades and tints, grades, or tones of this selected color. Do this for as many colors as you wish, then color your quilt.
Here is what we ended up with when we used our added colors:

Great. Now that the quilt has been colored the way you'd like, let's use the Map to Fabrics option. This option uses the fabrics that are currently in your Sketchbook. Click on the Random Recolor tool to select it. Click Map to Fabrics. Click anywhere on your quilt.

Wow! How easy was that? Now you can print fabric yardage and head to the store or start digging through your stash.

To learn more about these tools and features, refer to pages 142-145 in your EQ7 manual.


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