Using the Set Auto Borders Tool in EQ7

Jenny Novinsky for The Electric Quilt Company
Using the Set Auto Borders Tool in EQ7

The Set Auto Borders tool allows you to choose pre-designed border styles to use in your quilts. There are 13 styles in the Auto Borders palette for you to choose from. The Set Auto Borders tool is not on your toolbar by default. To add this tool, click the Customize Toolbar button at the end of the toolbar and click Add/Remove Buttons from the pop-up menu. Click to put a check next to the Set Auto Borders tool.

To use the Set Auto Borders tool, you need to be on the Quilt Worktable with a quilt with at least one border displayed.

Description: start_quilt.jpg

1.     Click the Set Auto Borders tool Description: setautoborders.jpg.

2.     Under Select a style, click the down arrow and choose one of the styles.

Description: step2.jpg

3.     Drag the scrollbar beneath the borders to see all of the choices available. Click on a border to select it.

Description: step3.jpg

4.     Click the border on the quilt. It will fill with the selected auto border.

Description: step4.jpg

5.     If you’d like, you can make adjustments to this border. Click the Borders tab.

Description: step5.jpg

6. Use the Borders palette to change the size of the border, or the number of blocks.
Description: step4.jpg         Description: step6b.jpg
Border Size: 4.00                                                                     Border Size: 2.00
Blocks in Border: 7                                                                 Blocks in Border: 4

Click the Layer 1 tab to continue working on your quilt. Click Add to Sketchbook Description: addsketchbook.jpg to save the design to your project.


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