The EQ7 Quilt Worktable – How to Use the Layers

Jenny Novinsky for The Electric Quilt Company
The EQ7 Quilt Worktable – How to Use the Layers

Every quilt layout in EQ7 contains three layers. These layers are intended to help you keep your quilt design flexible, yet organized. On the Quilt Worktable, you will find the layer tabs along the bottom-left of your screen. The selected tab will be white.


EQ7 can help by giving you the ability to turn off layers that you are not currently working on. To enable this feature, click QUILT > Quilt Worktable Options > View Settings > and put a check next to Provide icons to show and hide quilt layers.

Description: quiltwktbleoptions.jpg

When this option is checked, little light bulbs appear on the tabs across the bottom of the screen. When the light bulb is yellow, the layer is on. When the light bulb is gray, the layer is off. Click directly on the light bulb to turn a layer off.

Description: layer_tabs_lightbulbs.jpg

Some of the design elements in EQ7 are restricted to specific layers. Embellishment, for example is restricted to Layer 3 only. When an element is not permitted to be set on a layer, you’ll see a “blue message” reminding you of the restriction.


Layer 1 is for blocks and photos.

Description: quilt_layer1.JPG

Layer 2 is for motifs, appliqué text, blocks, and photos.

Description: quilt_layer2.JPG

Layer 3 is for stencils, embellishments, and photos.

Description: quilt_layer3.JPG


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