Piecing & Applique


Press all seam allowances to one side, usually toward the darker fabric; follow the pressing tabs presented with each pattern. When joining blocks and/or rows, seam allowances are pressed to allow nesting of seams which reduces bulk in the quilt top.



Squared borders are added first to the sides of the quilt center, then to the top and bottom. Measure through the vertical center of quilt top from raw edge to raw edge and mark this length with pins on the side border strips. Matching pins, fold the strips in half and lightly crease to mark the centers of the border strips. Fold the quilt top in half to mark the centers of its sides. Matching marked centers and matching the pins to the quilt ends, sew the side border strips to the quilt. Trim any extra border length and press. To add the top and bottom border strips, measure through the horizontal center of the quilt top, including the side borders, and repeat this procedure.

Mitered borders are added by sewing border strips to all sides of quilt center, and then mitering each corner. Measure the vertical and horizontal centers of the quilt and mark edges and border strips as described above. When joining each border strip to the quilt, begin and end stitches 1⁄4" from the quilt top corners and backstitch.


Referring to the diagrams, fold the quilt top right sides together at one corner. Fold the border/ quilt seam allowances toward the quilt top, match seam lines and pin through both layers about 3" from the corner. Place a ruler along the folded edge of the quilt top, intersecting the final stitch in the border seam and extending through the border strip. Draw a line from the stitch to the outer edge of the border. Align long raw edges of borders and pin together along the pencil line. Sew along the line to the edge of the border; backstitch. Trim seam allowances to 1⁄4"; press open. Repeat for all corners.


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