Nancy Cornwell

Nancy Cornwell

Known affectionately as the "Polar Princess," Nancy Cornwell has been an avid sewer and designer for more than 40 years. She is well known for her expertise on sewing with fleece, which has been captured in several books including More Polar Magic. Nancy is regularly featured at sewing and quilting events and works in sales and marketing for David Textiles, Inc. Her newest book, 90-Minute Fleece, will be released in February 2007.

The Cheater's Wrapped Edge Binding is featured in the Nov/Dec'06 issue of Quiltmaker (No. 112), and Nancy expounds on this technique in the following interview.

What do you like about the Cheater's Wrapped Edge Binding technique?

I love the ease and simplicity, but mostly the fact that it can be used on almost any fabric. It is a "trim technique," and the trim needs to be a knit, but it can be applied to fleece, flannel, denim, quilted items and more. Since it has become so hard to find ribbing or trim to match or coordinate with my fabric, this technique was the perfect solution.

Have you encountered any special challenges using this technique?

When applying this trim finish to a single layered item, such as a baby blanket, you have to be very careful not to overwhelm the base fabric. The trim needs to be fed into the machine at the exact rate as the base fabric. When sewing around a curve, like the rounded edge of a blanket, ease more trim than fabric to prevent buckling.

Are there any other tips you'd like to share with our readers?

When applying the trim, sew with a precise seam allowance. The finished wrap is only as good as the initial seaming. If your seamline is wavy, the wrapped edge will also be uneven.

A good pair of duck-bill appliqué scissors will give a trim that is clean, close and precise.




Nancy Cornwell's Short & Sweet quilt appears in the November/December 2006 issue of Quiltmaker magazine.



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