Mary Lou Weidman

What inspires your work?

Faith, family and friends are what keep me going and what inspire me. I was lucky enough to be active in a small community church that had many young women my age and wise older women who taught us wise things if we were willing to listen.

I absolutely loved being a mother to three wonderful children (two girls and a boy) and still do. I stayed at home when my children were small because my son had health problems and that gave me time to develop my own style of quilting. It also gave me time to develop my faith and appreciate my family and the wonderful friends I had made. Every day is a gift and I think it is important to remember that there are people who are not as lucky as we are. I try to appreciate all of the many things that are right in front of my nose...even small things like fresh strawberries, eyes to see the flowers and ears to hear the birds. It sounds simple but there are people today who aren't as fortunate and I don't want to take important things for granted. And this summer I found out that I will be a grandmother for the first time with both my daughter and her husband and my son and his wife too. So, I am ready for the next adventure of being a grandmother. I want to be a good one and can't wait to start trying. I plan making some grandmother story quilts right away. Luckily, ideas are never a problem for story quilts. Finding time to do all of the stories is the difficult part. Every event in life is a quilt waiting to happen.



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