Machine Embroidery

Multi-hoop motifs

Not every embroidery grouping fits into a single hooping. This is when accurate marking, hooping and stabilization are critical. Print out full-size design templates for each portion of the overall design and mark the placement and center lines on your project. Thoroughly check placement within the hoop so connecting motifs meet. Printing the designs on a transparent film is helpful.


For applique, multiple layers of fabric are applied to the quilt block surface in sequence. Though each digitizing company offers slight variations in instructions, the basic premise is the same—stitch the outline of the first fabric placement line; place the applique fabric and restitch the outline. Remove the hoop from the machine (don’t unhoop the fabric or project), and trim the applique fabric close to the stitching. Reinstall the hoop and continue stitching the “tackdown” zigzag around the section. Repeat the stitching/ trimming process for each segment, noting that a finishing stitch may be sewn along the way, depending on the layering plan.

In-hoop piecing

In-hoop pieced designs are similar to their foundationpieced cousins. Hoop the base fabric or stabilizer and stitch the placement line for each fabric in order. Once the first placement line is stitched, position the fabric, stitch it in place, remove the hoop from the machine (don’t unhoop the fabric or project), and trim the seam allowances, much like the applique process.


Reinstall the hoop and stitch subsequent portions of the design, flip into place and trim the patch following the

digitizer’s instruction until the entire block is complete. Trim the block to the size listed in the pattern instructions.


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