Lynda Milligan and Nancy Smith

If you could offer one piece of advice for quilt makers today, what would it be?

Always add to your stash and keep piecing! But even more important, never be afraid to try something new. There are so many ways to piece, applique, and quilt! If one method doesn't work for you, try another. It may be just right.

Never be afraid to give up on a project. Sometimes you learn what you need to know before you are finished. I wanted to make a bed-sized Grandmother's Flower Garden quilt by hand. After making several blocks, I decided that I didn't really want to make that many blocks. I tucked the finished blocks away in a tin and have never counted it among my unfinished projects. I delight in these little blocks whenever I open the tin and it brings back fond memories of that time in my life. I had learned what I needed to know and I didn't feel guilty about not finishing it. If you analogize the quilt learning process to going to college, some classes are just right--others are not. You learn something from each, but each won't necessarily help you in your chosen career. Exploration and fun in learning are the keys. Enjoy each step and abandon a project or pass it on when you've learned what you needed or it's not fun anymore.

Always take classes. Even after 20 years in business, we learn so much from each new teacher as well as from the other students around us. Always be open to new ideas introduced by others. I remember when not one of us would use a rotary cutter. Just think how far quilting has come with the advent of this revolutionary tool.

Finally, just enjoy the process. It will bring you much satisfaction!

---Lynda and Nancy



Lynda Milligan and Nancy Smith's book, Divide and Conquer!: Quilt It Your Way, is available from Possibilities®.



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