Heidi Pridemore

Heidi Pridemore

What do you like most about making quilts for fabric companies? What is most challenging.

I love to make quilts for fabric companies because it makes me stretch and grow as a designer. I am not given a choice of what lines I get in most cases and even though I love to work in brights and juvenile fabrics, I might be sent Civil War reproduction fabric. It is my job to come up with the best design for that line and make a beautiful quilt even though I may not like the fabric. This challenge helps me grow and work "outside the box." I have become a much more well-rounded quilt maker because of it.

I would say the most challenging part of this job is the turn-around time. Most jobs have a deadline within a week or two. That isn't a lot of time to come up with a strong design, make the quilt and write good instructions. I think writing instructions is also very challenging. There is nothing worse than inaccurate directions; I really try hard not to become part of the problem but to create clear and easy-to-follow instructions...this is a challenge especially with the time constraints.

If you could offer one piece of advice for quilt makers today, what would it be?

I would tell other quiltmakers not to get stuck in a rut but rather try new colors, patterns and techniques. Don't worry about being perfect with one technique but open your horizons to new skills. Stretch your mind and grow with your quilting. You may be surprised where you end up. I was.

---Heidi Pridemore



View Heidi's Wacky Weaving quilt design in the July/August 2003 (#92) issue of Quiltmaker magazine.



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