Gail Valentine

Gail Valentine

Read what inspires the designer of the Pot O Flowers quilt, which appears in the March/April 2002 (#84) issue of Quiltmaker magazine, then visit her website to see more of her work.

Following are excerpts from a recent Quiltmaker interview.

How did you decide to make quiltmaking a career?

I fell in love with quilts and quiltmaking about 20 years ago. And although I had a career in retailing (as a department store buyer), I got more satisfaction out of my quilting than my job. I took as many classes as I could, and as I became proficient and began winning some local awards, I was asked to teach various techniques. I really enjoyed teaching quilting, and it was something I could do anywhere. (We moved several times with my husband's job.)

What inspires your work?

Without a doubt, it is fabric that inspires my work. The vibrant colors, visual textures, and prints are the basis of my work.

Do you have a favorite quilting technique right now? What is it and why do you enjoy it?

I became intrigued with manipulating large-scale prints into kaleidoscopic designs, and wrote a book about this technique in 1996 (Mirror Manipulations). Ever since then, I have been teaching this technique around the country. As I experiment more and more with mirrors, I continue to find exciting ways to use them in designing quilts.

If you could give quilters one piece of advice, what would it be?

My advice to quilters is to keep learning! Take classes whenever you have the opportunity. There are limitlesss ideas and techniques out there. When you improve your skills, you save time and frustration, and may even discover new techniques you love.



To see Gail Valentine's work, go to

Gail Valentine's "Pot O Gold" quilt design appears in the March/April 2002 (#84) issue of Quiltmaker magazine



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