Designing with Pre-Cuts in EQ7

Jenny Novinsky for The Electric Quilt Company
Designing with Pre-Cuts in EQ7

In EQ7, you are working with finished sizes. When planning your patch/block sizes in EQ7, subtract ½" from the pre-cut size to account for seam allowance.

For example, if you want to make a strip quilt using a Jelly Roll (2.5" x 44"), set your strip size to 2" x 43.5".


The same concept applies to block design. Let's say you want to use a Mini Charm Pack (2.5" x 2.5") to make this Double Irish Chain block:


First, subtract ½" from each dimension of the Mini Charm Pack, giving you the finished size of the patch- 2" x 2".

This block is 5 squares wide and 5 squares tall, so multiply the finished patch size by 5 to find the finished block size.

Finished Block Size: 2" x 5 = 10"


The math for half-square triangle units is a little different. For HST units, subtract 7/8" from the pre-cut size.

Example: Charm Pack fabrics (5" x 5") make 4.125" finished half-square triangles.

This Yankee Puzzle block from the EQ7 Block Library is made up of all half square triangles. It is 4 HST units wide by 4 HST units tall. If you want to use Charm Pack fabrics for this block, multiply the finished half-square triangle size by 4 to find the finished block size.

Finished Block Size: 4.125" x 4 = 16.5"

Now that you know the finished block size, you can design a quilt with this Charm Pack-friendly design. On the Quilt Worktable, click QUILT > New Quilt > Horizontal.


On the Layout tab, input these settings:

Now you can set the Yankee Puzzle block in the quilt and it will be sized correctly for Charm Pack fabrics. Here, I've alternated it with the Mosaic, No. 5 block, also from the EQ7 Block Library. Mosaic, No. 5 is made up entirely of HST units so this block is also Charm Pack-friendly.



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