Darlene Zimmerman

You are a fabric designer. What are you working on now? Any new projects in fabric design and/or in quilting?

Granny's Tenth Collection will be released this spring with additional solids in the 30s' colors. I'm excited about the possibilities the new solids will open up for quiltmakers and those trying to reproduce or restore the 30s quilts. I'm always looking for new ideas for fabric collections, and am working on some, but nothing I can share with you right now. See what we have to show at Spring Market!

We are collaborating with Gay Bomers in providing fabric for the re-issuing of limited editions of the old kit quilts from the 30s.

Coming this fall will be a new book (from Krause Pub.) called Granny's Quilts of the '30s. It will feature 30s vintage quilts as well as newly created ones using the Granny reproduction prints and solids. Along with the patterns will be general information about re-creating the 30s look and the characteristics of the quilts from that era.

If you could offer one piece of advice for quiltmakers today, what would it be?

Enjoy the process! Sometimes we forget why we are doing this -- we're not just creating quilts to keep ourselves and loved ones warm -- we actually enjoy choosing the fabrics, the patterns, cutting the pieces, the sewing and quilting. Sometimes we get so focused on the finished project that we forget to enjoy ourselves along the way, or criticize ourselves for not doing perfect work. Our work does not have to be perfect or even finished. We make quilts for our enjoyment, not to add more notches to our sewing machines!




Find Darlene Zimmerman's helpful tips for creating quilts in the '30s style in the May/June 2002 (#85) issue of Quiltmaker magazine.



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