Christmas in the Woods

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Christmas in the Woods

Setting Fill and Edge Stitches in EQStitch

The EQStitch Plug-in for Electric Quilt 7 adds a new Stitching Worktable to your EQ7 which allows you to digitize embroidery and machine appliqué designs for your embroidery machine!

*You must have the EQStitch Plug-in to create digitized designs in EQ7.*

1.     Open EQStitch and click the Work on Stitching  button.

2.     Click LIBRARIES > Stitching Library.

3.     Click on Hearth and Home.

4.     Click on the Pear and click Add to Sketchbook.

5.     Click Close to close the Stitching Library.

6.     Click View Sketchbook . Click on the Stitching section on the left.

7.     Click on the Pear to select it > click Edit.

8.     On the Stitching worktable, click the Stitch tab.

9.     Click the Set Fill Stitch tool  on the right toolbar.

10.  In the Fill Patterns palette, click on a fill to select it and then click on the embroidery design to set the fill in the area.

11.  You can also change the angle and density of the fill using the Precision Bar.


12.  Click the Set Edge Stitch tool  on the right toolbar.

13.  Select one of the edge stitch styles on the Precision Bar and then click on the embroidery design to set the edge stitch. Depending on the edge style you choose, you can adjust other settings too.


14.  Click the Set Thread tool  and click a color in the Thread Color palette to select it.

15.  Click on a fill or edge of the embroidery design to change the color.

16.  Click Add to Sketchbook  to save your design.

17.  Click the Simulate Stitching tool . Click the Play button on the Precision Bar to preview how the design will stitch out.

18.  If your thread colors are not grouped together, click the Sort Thread Colors tool  to rebuild the stitching order with the least amount of stops for thread color changes.

19.  If you sorted the thread colors, click Add to Sketchbook  again.

20.  Now that your design is complete, you can export a file for your embroidery machine. Click STITCHING > Export Stitching File.

21.  In the dialog box, type a name for your digitized file and choose the file format appropriate for your machine from the drop-down menu. Click Save and your digitized file will be created.

22.  Transfer the file to your embroidery machine via your usual method (USB drive, Card Reader, etc.) and get stitching!


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