100 Things Every Quilter Should Do

Diane Harris

100 Things Every Quilter
Should Do Before She Dies


  1. Ο Visit a quilt shop.
  2. Ο Make a Nine Patch.
  3. Ο Make a Log Cabin.
  4. Ο Label a quilt.
  5. Ο Figure yardage for a quilt.
  6. Ο Learn about warp and weft.
  7. Ο Use a rotary cutter.
  8. Ο Use templates.
  9. Ο Paper piece a quilt block.
  10. Ο Hand applique a quilt block.
  11. Ο Make a yo-yo.
  12. Ο Embellish a quilt.
  13. Ο Try free motion quilting.
  14. Ο Stitch in the ditch.
  15. Ο Try hand quilting.
  16. Ο Bind a quilt.
  17. Ο Miter the corners of quilt binding.
  18. Ο Join the ends of quilt binding.
  19. Ο Sew diagonal seams.
  20. Ο Use a walking foot.
  21. Ο Attend a guild meeting.
  22. Ο Visit Houston for International Quilt Festival.
  23. Ο Have a quilt appraised.
  24. Ο Visit a quilt museum.
  25. Ο Go on a quilt retreat.
  26. Ο Try curved piecing.
  27. Ο Miter the borders.
  28. Ο Learn to do blanket stitch by hand.
  29. Ο See a local quilt show.
  30. Ο Put your quilt in a local quilt show.
  31. Ο Sell raffle tickets on a quilt.
  32. Ο Take a road trip with quilt friends.
  33. Ο Create a Pinterest board with quilt images.
  34. Ο Make a 3-D quilt block.
  35. Ο Donate a quilt to a good cause.
  36. Ο Make a sampler quilt.
  37. Ο Make an art quilt.
  38. Ο Try bobbin work.
  39. Ο Learn to maintain your sewing machine.
  40. Ο Add rickrack to a quilt.
  41. Ο Design a quilt. (Remember, you don’t necessarily have to make the quilt.)
  42. Ο Change/tweak/alter a pattern to make it your own.
  43. Ο Make a color wheel with fabric swatches.
  44. Ο Chat about quilting with a stranger.
  45. Ο Talk about quilting with your family.
  46. Ο Give a quilt as a wedding/graduation/retirement gift.
  47. Ο Visit Paducah during the AQS Show.
  48. Ο Take a class with a nationally known teacher.
  49. Ο Use some fabric you dislike.
  50. Ο Participate in Show & Tell.
  51. Ο Volunteer for a job in a quilt group.
  52. Ο Use a color you detest.
  53. Ο Make a quilt inspired by nature.
  54. Ο Get up early or stay up late to quilt.
  55. Ο Make a scrap quilt.
  56. Ο Make a tote bag.
  57. Ο Make a postcard quilt.
  58. Ο Make a baby quilt and gift it to a newborn.
  59. Ο Understand the basics of caring for quilts.
  60. Ο Borrow a quilting book from the public library.
  61. Ο Teach someone else to quilt.
  62. Ο Creatively piece a backing for one of your quilts.
  63. Ο Apply a piped binding, or some variation of it.
  64. Ο Post quilt pics to Facebook.
  65. Ο Install quilty wallpaper on your computer.
  66. Ο Put a quilty bumper sticker on your car.
  67. Ο Cuss mildly when you realize you've been sewing air (because you ran out of bobbin thread).
  68. Ο Read your sewing machine manual cover to cover.
  69. Ο Learn to thread baste.
  70. Ο Learn to pin baste.
  71. Ο Use basting spray.
  72. Ο Help a friend make a quilt.
  73. Ο Make a quilt for a special child.
  74. Ο Make a quilt for a spouse or partner.
  75. Ο Make a quilt for a friend.
  76. Ο Include your quilts in your last will and testament.
  77. Ο Determine your favorite thread for piecing.
  78. Ο Understand the concept of value.
  79. Ο Understand the mathematics of quilt blocks.
  80. Ο Apply a bias binding.
  81. Ο Take a guild speaker to dinner.
  82. Ο Comment on a quilt-related blog post.
  83. Ο Make a mystery quilt.
  84. Ο Take part in a block exchange.
  85. Ο Write how-to instructions for making a quilt block.
  86. Ο Watch a quilting video.
  87. Ο Know the difference between lengthwise and crosswise grain.
  88. Ο Know the parts of a sewing machine needle and why they matter.
  89. Ο Organize your stash.
  90. Ο Know the names of hand sewing needles used for different tasks.
  91. Ο Finish a UFO.
  92. Ο Purchase fabric on impulse.
  93. Ο Try sewing with precuts.
  94. Ο Trade fabrics with quilt friends.
  95. Ο Identify your ancestors who quilted.
  96. Ο Visit a quilt shop while on vacation.
  97. Ο Sew on a treadle for old time's sake.
  98. Ο Subscribe to a quilting magazine.
  99. Ο Become a regular reader of a quilting blog.
  100. Ο Go on a Shop Hop.




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