June Dudley

June Dudley, Executive EditorJune Dudley, Executive Editor

My mom taught me to sew when I was young, along with other creative needlework arts. I didn't start quilting though until years later when I discovered a quilt top that had never been finished among some family heirlooms.

Since I already knew how to sew, I didn't think quilting would be that big of a leap to learn. It turned out to be quite a leap: I bought quilt books and magazines, quilting tools, and added to my fabric collection. I started making a few baby quilts as presents, which has turned into dozens of baby quilts over the years. While I still make baby quilts, I also make quilts of all sizes and techniques now.

What I love about quilting is how it combines my creative and technical skills—from fabric and color choices to the math and precision of making it all fit together into a beautiful treasure. Working at Quiltmaker has turned into the job I never knew I always wanted.


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